Purpose: To provide guidance to centers on best practices to capture HEMLIBRA treatment data in CBDR


Background information:

HEMLIBRA is currently available in 30mg, 60mg, 105 mg and 150mg vials.

For some pediatric patients, it may not be advisable for them to use the entire vial.




  1. How to record a treatment plan
    1. Record the amount of mg as prescribed in the Dose box
    2. Add a comment to the Treatment Comments (for Patient Card) and Treatment Comments (for MyCBDR and Take Home sheet) to capture the dose the patient should be infusing in mg





  1. How to record a treatment given at an HTC
    1. The Total dose will be auto-populated if vial details are available in the system (in this example it will pre-populate to 150mg). Add a comment to the treatment notes confirming the volume administered and the dose in mg.









  1. How to advise patients to record a treat in MyCBDR
    1. Ask the patient to add dose they infused to the treatment notes as the system will record the vial size. In this example the vial is 150 mg instead of the prescribed dose of 120mg