In the circumstances where a child patient is seen at a children's hospital and upon reaching the age of 18 is transferred to an adult clinic for continuation of care, it is recommended that you "transition" the patient to the new centre.

This will avoid the new centre creating a new profile with a new CBDR ID number causing duplicates in the system.

Click on New Transition

If the move is permanent such in the case of a child moving to a adult clinic, choose Permanent from the first drop down box.

Choose the date of the transition then the centre they are moving to.  It is important to choose the correct one.

Enter an reason for the transition and Save.

The data manager at the new centre will receive a notification that a patient has been transferred.

In the event that patient is being seen a more than one clinic (lives in New Brunswick but is attending school in Alberta) you can do a Shared transition so both centres can view the same data without creating a new patient record resulting in a duplicate.