We have recently added the requirement to specify laboratory reagents used to measure plasma levels of EHLs. These are requested when inputting a PK request for an EHL and go to populate automatically default reagents by concentrates for that WAPPS center.


CBDR does not prompt for a default reagent, but WAPPS is expecting it.

In your centre on WAPPS-Hemo, set the default reagent for all the products that you use and WAPPS will assign that reagent to requests provided via CBDR. 

In absence of a default reagent, the reagent will be set to “Unknown” and a message like this one will be added to the WAPPS report:



If you get this message, it means there is no default specified for that concentrate.

If you want to set a default, go to Manage Factor concentrates and click the Default Reagents tab. 

Click on Edit to choose the correct reagent for each product.