• Search and select patient.
  • Place your cursor over “Create Interaction”. A list will drop down; select “Interaction + Patient Product Order”.

Step 1: Patient Order Details

  • Beside ‘Order date”,  fill in the date you are placing the order.
  • Beside “Order Priority”, select urgency of order (routine, asap, stat)
  • Beside “Order Reason” Select either Prophylaxis, ITT or On Demand.

  • For future entries, you can “Copy Previous Order”, above Order Date, which will pre populate the previous details. You will need to change the “Order Date” to when it was picked up.
  • Click “Next”

Step 2: Patient Product Order Delivery Details

  • Beside “Delivery Arrangement”, select “Patient to pick up from Product Delivery Address”.

When selecting “Patient to pick up from Product Delivery Address”, make sure “Product Delivery Address” is populated/up-to-date under “Demographics”. This will auto fill the remaining address fields.


  • Click “Next”

Step 3: Patient product order line

  • By Supplier, select “Canadian Blood Services”.  
  • Select your CBS distribution center

  • Click “Add Order Item”.

  • By Product, Pick which factor was picked up from the Drop down menu. Fill out how many of each vial size was dispensed.
  • Click “Save” (If different products were picked up, Select “Add Order Item” and repeat.

  • If everything is accurate, select “Save”
  • A pop up will ask if you want to print. If you select Cancel, the Order will still save. If you select “OK” a PDF will pop up to allow you to print.

You can print this order and fax or email to CBS