Please read the document carefully. Kindly pay special attention to items 8, 9,11 and 12 highlighted in bold

  1. Log in to CBDR and click on ‘Adverse Event’ tab 


      2. Place curser on ‘Add Adverse Event’ and click on ‘Covid 19’ to be taken to the page


         3.Enter the date.

         4. To select a patient click on ‘select patient’ and search based on Family name, given name or CBDR ID. When                  the desired patient’s name is displayed, click the ‘select’ button

     5.Enter Covid diagnostic test details. If neither PCR or antibody test is answered as ‘not done’ option to indicate             symptomatic diagnosis appears.

    6.Select appropriate outcome. If you answer ‘dead’ to the ‘mortality’ question a free text option to enter the              cause of death appears


If ‘Yes’ is the answer to the ‘admitted to Hospital’ question, option to enter ICU stay and  ventilation details will appear

If you answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Were bleeding complications related to COvid 19 experienced?’ a free text option to describe the complication will appear


     7. To add a comorbidity, select from the dropdown and click on ‘add comorbidity’


If you want to add a comorbidity not present in the list select ‘other’ and type in the free text box and click ‘add comorbidity’ 


8. ‘Hemophilia treatment during infection’: If the patient was on factor treatment, bypassing agents or Hemlibra,please ensure that the treatment plan information in CBDR is accurate. If the patient was on gene therapy, anti TFPI or Fitusiran therapy select appropriate response on screen

 9. Hemophilia treatment during infection: If you answer is anything other than ‘unchanged’ please update the treatment plan appropriately in CBDR.

 10. Final question asks about products used in the last three months

 11. Entering lab values captured during hospitalization: If you would like to report lab values VWF levels, FVIII,  D-dimer, etc please use ‘Interaction – coagulation’

 12. Thrombosis: If the patient experienced thrombotic complications, please use Adverse Event – Thrombosis to report details.